The CEO is Dr. Mark Lemstra. Academically, Mark has completed nine university degrees including a doctor of science in clinical epidemiology, a doctor of science in public health, a PhD in epidemiology and a PhD in psychiatry. Previously, Mark was the coordinator of behavioral medicine at academic family medicine, and an adjunct professor in pediatrics and psychiatry, at the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Mark began his career as an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces.

The medical director at Alliance Health medical clinic in Moose Jaw is Dr. Brad Thorpe. Dr Thorpe is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, a preceptor for family medicine Residents, and the Head of Family Medicine for Southwest Saskatchewan for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Other family physicians include: Dr Jamie Stushnoff, Dr. Mark Voogt, Dr. Joanne Fynn, Dr. Rob Haver, Dr. Brent Janzen, Dr. Leanne Donnelly, Dr. Eric Bortolotti, Dr. Janessa King (Mann), Dr. Troy Simpson and Dr. Katelyn Postnikoff. The Moose Jaw clinic also includes Dr. Mark Abou-Ghaida (orthopaedic surgeon).

The medical director at Alliance Health medical clinic in Regina (on Kramer Avenue) is Dr. Naumana Parwez. Other family physicians include: Dr. Afam Nwalusi, Dr. Susan MacDonald and Dr. A Dirie.

In Regina, Alliance Health has a second location (on 4th Avenue) which includes family doctors Dr. Ooi, Dr. Mugera, Dr. Dirie, Dr. Lucy Mikhael, Dr. Hasantha and Dr. Marianne Awad.

The family physicians at Alliance Health medical clinic in Saskatoon include Dr Brad Sperling, Dr Charles Wambula, Dr. Deanna Wolfe, Dr. Dora Morales and Dr Neelan Naidoo. The Saskatoon clinic also includes: Dr. Falah Majid (internist), Dr. Akbar Alavudeen (internist), Dr. Michelle Naidoo (internist), Dr. Chuk Ufondu (internist), Dr. Rokne Safavi (psychiatrist), Dr. Dala Gideon (endocrinologist), Dr Les Ferguson (neurologist), Dr. Omar de Rita (neurologist), Dr. Shayla Kennedy (neurologist), Dr. Youssef Al-Beggamy (emergency physician) and Dr Susan Branch (OB/GYN). The Saskatoon clinic has recently signed association agreements with many new doctors that will start soon.

The family physicians at the Alliance Health medical clinic in Yorkton include Dr. M Shahat, Dr. B Shariati and Dr. Groenwald.

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