An influence for Alliance Health comes from the book Saskatchewan Health written by Dr Mark Lemstra. External peer reviews include a Premier, Minister of Health, Minister of Education, Minister of Public Health, Finance Minister, Senator, Dean of Medicine, Dean of Pharmacy, Director of School of Public Health, Head of Family Medicine, Head of Psychiatry, Head of Political Studies and so on. The external reviews can be found here: Saskatchewan Health Reviews

Dr. Mark Lemstra also has over 300 peer review publications in journals like the New England Journal of Medicine. This work has been cited in media outlets like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Sun, USA Today and others. The following is an example on motor vehicle injuries: NEMJ

Perhaps the most relevant work published by Alliance Health staff is the Health Disparity in Saskatoon report. This report included over 300 community consultations and phone surveys with 5,000 residents on public policy options to address socioeconomic inequality and health disparity. In the end, 71 letters of support were obtained from a majority of the Saskatoon community including the Mayor, all ten City Councilors, the Tribal Chief, the public and catholic school boards, the president of the university, academics, community groups and unions. Click here for the 362 page study.

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