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The vast majority of diseases, disorders and injuries can be successfully prevented. For example, two separate studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 82% of heart disease and 91% of type-2 diabetes can be prevented. A study published in Nature Reviews/ Cancer concluded that 82% of all cancer can be prevented.

As such, Alliance is committed to preventing diseases and not just treating them. After 153 community consultations in Moose Jaw, and 121 community consultations in Regina, Alliance started the Healthy Weights Initiative. This free yet comprehensive program includes 60 exercise therapy, 12 dietary and 12 cognitive behavior therapy sessions along with significant social support. Currently, among those who start, 96% complete the program. Statistically significant changes have been found for weight loss, blood cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, blood glucose, pain, aerobic fitness, self report health, depression and quality of life.

The first four peer review publications of the Healthy Weights Initiative can be downloaded here:

HWI Publication

HWI Depressed Mood paper

HWI Quality of Life paper

HWI First 1000 Participants

In studies led by staff from Alliance, it was found that the vast majority of workplace injuries can be prevented while recovery rates can be improved significantly.

Click here to read one of these studies.

Our knowledgeable staff are aware on how to prevent common diseases, disorders and injuries in order to promote Wellness.